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Cruelest Of Hearts~Eyeless Jack X Reader
Chapter 1 Memories Of You
“The truth." Dumbledore sighed. "It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution.”
~J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
There is no person that love cannot heal; there is no soul that love cannot save.
~Carlos Santana
When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done, help me leave behind some reasons to be missed...
And don't resent me, and when you're feeling empty.......Keep me in your memory, leave out all the rest...

~Linkin Park Leave Out All The Rest
Memories are bullets. Some whiz by and only spook you. Others tear you open and leave you in pieces.
~ Richard Kadrey, Kill the Dead
The little girl whimpered loudly, her tiny hands wrapped around her legs tightly, as if she was trying to keep her little self together. Loud sobs reverberated from deep within her little chest, as tears fell freely from her
:iconeviann1994:Eviann1994 78 14
The Son of the Sea - Dragon!Iceland x Reader
~ The Overture ~
. . .
"Mm . . ."
. . .
A soft murmur pierced the clockwork rumble of the carriage's wheels treading over the rocky path. The weary traveler stirred in his sleep, craning his neck to lean on the walls of the lush, velvet lined carriage. So accustomed was this traveler used to the periodic jolts and jumps of the thin wooden wheels as it rolled over stones and pebbles, shards of steel and whatnots. It was no surprise that this creature was able to sleep soundly even throughout any peace or chaos.
. . .
"Nngh . . ."
. . .
The traveler stirred again; agitated by the absence of the rocky path's playful shoves as the carriage rolled onto smooth ground. How long has it been since this creature has stepped foot outside of this luxurious centaur-driven carriage? No one was quite sure for this creature has been commuting from one city to the next for quite some time. Not once did this traveler stop to take in the sights or receive some proper sleep at a nearby inn or
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 40 25
Shelter :iconshuryukan:shuryukan 731 53
The Spring Soldier (BuckyxMutant!Reder) ch 1
She had heard the gunshots and the dogs late last night, which she assumed were from poachers. She knew there was no point in going out to find them, so, instead, she got up early to find the animal that more than likely got away. Hopefully she'd be able to find it and nurse it back to health, before releasing it. Worst case scenario, the animal had gotten away and been so wounded, it had died during the night, she hoped that wasn't the case.
While walking to her barn, her cat walked up to her, weaving between her legs. He always greeted her whenever she came outside. He was another animal she had rescued, he had been hit by a car and she found him on her way home one evening. She brought him back, fixed him up and he hasn't left since.
Who is she, you ask, her name is ___ ___, a veterinarian living in the rural area near Long Island, New York. She had a private practice on her farm there, she saw a few animals at her home, more often than not, she made house calls for the animals that
:icontygermane:Tygermane 20 3
Hazy Shade of Winter - Bucky X-reader Pt. 1
ROME - 10:00am local time
Natasha Romanoff sat alone at a table outside a Café overlooking the Colosseum, watching commuters and tourists zip past on their rented scooters, dodging pedestrians, and guides dressed like Centurions, as they crossed the sun-drenched street. A light breeze sent ripples across the off-white awning above her, and for a few moments, she was lost to the movement of the trees that stood in front of her, partially obstructing her view of the ancient arena beyond.
A waitress wearing a crisp white blouse and black apron approached her. “Are you ready to order?” she asked in her thick Italian accent, taking a pencil and notepad and flipping to a clean sheet of paper.
Natasha offered a small smile and nodded, ordering a cappuccino and cannoli in perfect Italian. As the waitress finished writing it down and disappeared inside, the breeze picked up again, lifting the edge of the checked tablecloth up. She smoothed down the fabric and leaned forw
:iconthe-other-sam:the-other-sam 63 21
Cursed!Pirate!England x Witch!Reader|1|
“. . . Oh, don’t look so dispirited, Captain. What, are you heartbroken?. . .” 
You were gifted with the abilities of a witch.
As queen of the black market, you lived with little fear of being hunted; you aided slaves, criminals, corrupt English officials, and wives of horrid husbands— and although your business, if exposed, meant the noose, your clients kept your secrets as you would theirs. You were too powerful for them to lose. 
Never would they reveal your identity, for they would need you again. Always.
That was the muddled part of mortals that you didn’t understand. They seemed to never be satisfied. Once they had one wish granted, another seemed to be more important, as another one and another one did, and with you as the solution, it was not uncommon to see them again upon your moonlit doorstep a few nights later.  
However, one sensation that was characteristic to humans, one that you truly understood, was
:iconpaintingpenguins:PaintingPenguins 35 5
Compass Mark (Pirate! England x Reader) Preface
The faint dusk sunlight drifted lazily through your closed eyelids, the warmth of the evening light slowly escaping the cell. The confined room become noticeably cooler as the sun set, the ropes you were bound by rubbing against the soft skin of your wrists, your neck aching as you waited patiently with your head against the wall.
There wasn’t much else to do besides wait, to calculate and watch for when to put your plan into action—for you were bound by ropes and couldn’t do anything else, nestled inside a brig with a crew of British pirates.
You didn’t know any of them. It was not that far ago when they were casted here with you, and it wasn’t that far ago when you were casted in here yourself. No more than a day or so ago had these men arrived after you, you remembered. You were sitting idly, plotting your escape and crying over what fate couldn’t stop, when you heard clashes of swords and screams of dying men that morning.
You flinched and cringe
:iconpaintingpenguins:PaintingPenguins 24 5
Beautiful Fighter (Levi X Fighter!Reader) Part I
The human traffickers were gaining up on her. The young child ran as fast as her little feet would take her until she came to a dead end in an alley. The men snarled wickedly, crooked grins forming in their darkened faces. They slowed down their speed once they cornered her. Levi slowed down as well and hid behind a roof, quickly assessing the situation for any way out. He clung the knife tightly behind him, gritting his teeth as he waited for the perfect opportunity to strike. His young, limber body would make it easy for him to kill them quickly. For a slight second, he looked at the young girl who must’ve been his age. Her elegant gown was stained, her bare feet were blackened, and there were cuts all over her face. Oh, he was going to get revenge… he was going to kill them all…
“Levi? Levi are you even listening to a word I said?” asked Erwin in exasperation, and slight annoyance.
Levi blinked a few times before realizing he had once again succu
:iconlonelyxsonata:lonelyxsonata 174 60
(Levi x Reader) Queen Eyes (1/5)
   (A/N: Characters may be OOC, excessive cussing.)
(F/N) (L/N). The Underground queen. You were an expert at 3DMG, and weren't half as bad in hand-to-hand combat. Scratch that, you were excellent at hand-to-hand combat. You could easily kill someone with your own fists. You were handy with a knife, clean cuts whenever you were forced to use it in a fight. You were a lone wolf, wandering through the underground. It was an ordinary day for you, until you were cornered by 3 large men.
"Must be the thugs I stole the meat from," you thought, remembering the meal you had a few hours ago. You pulled your cloak hood up, a cloak you stole from a military police officer who you had mugged a while back.
"You little shit," thug #1 yelled. He grabbed you by your collar, and picked you up, your feet dangling a few inches off the ground. "You think you can just steal from us and get away with it?" He howled, his foul breath reaching your nostrils.
"Well yeah, that was the plan," you said w
:iconnanaseii:Nanaseii 156 27
Weavesilk 19: Iron Man :iconbebe0215:bebe0215 5 0 Weavesilk 20: Captain America :iconbebe0215:bebe0215 2 0
Soul on Fire Chapter 1 Grillby X Reader
I closed my eyes as I leaned my back against the strong oak tree I was sitting underneath. I was a beautiful day out. The sun was shining, birds were singing, flowers were blooming. On days like today kids like me were being put through Hell.
I took a deep breath in holding it for a bit before I released it. There was war going on. Humans and monsters had been living together for a while now but just recently humans decided they couldn’t live with monsters anymore. I couldn’t quite understand why. Most of my friends were monsters; they are more accepting than the humans.
I heard the snap of a stick and immediately opened my eyes and stood up. They were here. I closed my eyes again focusing on sound. I could hear their hearts beating. They were about twenty feet behind me to my left.
“Shh! Do you want the freak to hear us?” The voice was of a boy. It was harsh and deep. He must have been a few years younger than me, maybe about 15 or 16.
“Sorry. I’d j
:iconweirdly-attractive:Weirdly-Attractive 40 5
|Bookworm| Grillby X Bullied!Reader
    It was a slow night at Grillby's Restaurant, and Grillby silently watched you from behind the bar.
    You had been quiet for the past few days. Well...more quiet than usual, and it was starting to worry the flame-monster. Usually whenever you saw him you would give him that shy smile that he had grown to love and would sit at the bar and talk about your day. But ever since last Thursday you had barely spoke a word to him. At first he wondered if he had done something to offend you, but he soon realized that you were acting like this to everyone. Even when Sans approached you, you would barely speak a word and merely nod. 
    Something was wrong, and Grillby wanted to find out what was troubling you.
    That was easier said than done though, as you were currently avoiding him. Each time you entered Grillby's, you would simply tell him your order when he came to your table and not say anything else. Today he was determined to find
:iconanubisnightingale:AnubisNightingale 155 62
|Burn Scars| Grillby x Abused!Reader

{Warning: Hints of abuse in this chapter.

Read at your own caution.}
You sighed as you slunk down the street towards Grillby's. The restaurant/bar your crush owned. To say you liked the flame monster would be putting it lightly, you absolutely adored him. From his quiet-demeanor to his strong build, everything about him you loved. However, even though you were close to him, you knew he would never feel the same away about you. Grillby was entirely devoted to his restaurant, and he never showed personal interest in anything else. Even his closest friend, Sans didn't know what the guy did on his spare time. Yet still, that didn't stop you from dreaming.
Slightly it began to rain just as you made it inside Grillby's, and you smiled at your luck. Although, the rain would be a nightmare to walk in once you had to go home. Which hopefully wasn't anytime soon. You passed both humans and monsters alike as you headed to your favorite stool at the bar. When Grillby opened h
:iconanubisnightingale:AnubisNightingale 434 136
Sans x Blind!Reader
Two figures were walking down a sidewalk in a park on a lovely summer day, hands entwined. If one got closer, they could see it was a Skeleton, who was on the short side, and a human who wasn't too much taller. The human's milky eyes stared ahead, moving from side to side at sluggishly, but her smile was vibrant enough to rival the sun.
"It's a beautiful day outside, (Y/N). Hear those birds singing?" Sans asked with a grin.
"I wish I could see it," The girl sighed wistful.
Sans glanced at her out of the corner of his eye socket before stopping. When (Y/N) tilted her head in confusion, he tugged gently on her hand and directed her to a bench facing a small community garden.
Laying his skeletal hand on hers, Sans said, "I'll describe it to ya. You used to be able to see, right kiddo?"
A smile tugged at the edges of (Y/N)'s mouth and she nodded slowly. "That's true. I could see when I was younger, but my eyesight has been gone for a few years now. I still remember how some things looked,
:iconhanta-and-saimon:Hanta-and-Saimon 173 27
Wake the Sleeping Dragon - Dragon!Norway x Reader
You pushed open the door, revealing a dark narrow staircase. You stared down into the pitch black abyss, a chill running down your spine. However, it was going to take a lot more than just a silly little chill or a dark staircase to scare you off.
After all, you've seen far worse.
You've seen children being ripped from the protective arms of their mothers, bustling cities and ports turn into ghost towns, beautiful meadows become wastelands, and pristine lakes become dyed with blood. You name it, you've seen the worst of it all. Now, how could a young woman such as yourself experience such events in the 21st century?
Well it's quite simple actually,
You see…
You weren't from this world.
The old wooden staircase creaked with each step you took and it was almost as if it could go on forever. Just when your legs were about to give out on you, your foot came into contact with solid ground. You peered around the underground tunnels, lifting your lantern to increase your f
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 278 67
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